Monday, February 2, 2009

no mas...

to all of my loyal readers... thank you. you have been a source of motivation and encouragement, and with out you, this grand project would have died long ago. actually, it dies now. there is a chance of future resurrection.

until then... my friends, check my facebook for updates.

Peace and love.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


redhead is out (not my choice). We hooked up the first night we met, it was hot. Second time, we ended up back at her place, smoking pot, chatting til like 4 in the morning. I'd had her right then and there but we weren't alone, there was a friend. That was the last i saw her. She pulled the whole stop-responding bull shit. Finally got it out of her on Facebook, when she said that she just wasn't feeling it. Wtf. I never even gave it to her so how could she not be feeling it. LIGHT BULB! Maybe you're right NB, i should have given it to her!

Next: Big sis broke up with girlfriend. so i think i'll be seeing more of her. I'll let you know what happens with that. Although, she seems to have some teacher-issues. It turns out that her first ever boyfriend was her 30 year old high school teacher, who subsequently got fired. apparently, he would kiss on her and got her drunk a few times. still, pretty traumatic it was for her, cause he was a well like teacher and then got the boot.

New: she'll turn 20 next month. we hung out once. she was cool, but i didn't think much of her. I looked at her pics a little more on Facebook, and realized that she has a rockin body, so i figured i'd give her a shot. she came over on the late night tip, and i was a little faded. it was hot.

old: the german nanny, i've been giving her rides to the gym, but nothing more. she's been sick ever since she's been here, and has some blisters on her lip. and she is huge! like almost 6 foot if she would stand up straight. but dang has she got some huge knockers. can't help but staring at them in the sauna. nice shape, too, and BIG. i doubt this will develop into anything, cause, like i said, she is kinda religious, too young, innocent. OMG, i wanna do her!

Monday, January 12, 2009

and again...

new class, practicing 'necesitar'...

yup, you guessed it...

"necesito una arma!" he said.

well, shit, at least he looked it up in the dictionary, independent learner!

Friday, January 9, 2009

i shet you not

a 7th grader asked me how to say 'nachos' in Spanish


big sis has a girlfriend and the German is a practicing Catholic.

currently batting: Irish American red head who completely transforms into a Argentina when speaking Spanish; it's hella arious. and she's cute.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

love the 19 year old au pairs

but I caught this little girl's eye in the hottub yesterday. I had noticed her before when i got in. She was chatting with some older gentlemen, a sunburnt, retired European. She got out and headed twards the pool. Wow. what a body. Tall, prolly 5'10, thick and healthy, with a trophy rack. If she hits the gym hard, tones up, and gets rid of some of that baby fat, man, she could be in Playboy, i shet u not.

Anyway, eventually, she comes back to the hottub, and i'm chillin readin' some fiction. I catch her eye and flash her a smile. I look down, look back at her, and she's smilin. We do that for about 10 minutes: she keeps lookin at me. hey, what can i say...

finally, the hottub empties so i wade over to her. Turns out, she's a 19 year old au pair from Northern Germany, with a sexy little accent ;)

I chat her up for about a half hour, give her a ride home, and she gives me her name so i can find her on facebook.

I'm not Nightmare Believer. I'm gonna take my time and savor this one, more than once.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it snow!

it snowed a bit on Sunday, enough to put a nice, thick coat of ice on the ground. School was canceled Mon., as well as today. Supposed to snow again tomorrow and Thurs.

Looks like Xmas break started a little early this year. See you in school Jan. 5!!! Suckers!!! =-)